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JONES Vicar St

25th February 2018

Delighted to announce Rickie Lee Jones will perform at Vicar St, Dublin on 25th February 2018.

"Working with Rickie is like working with Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday — you have to understand that they don’t need you. She could play a rhythm track on her knees, a melody on some pots and pans, and the next thing you know, it’s the coolest thing you’ve ever heard.” - Ben Harper for the Los Angeles Times

“The Other Side of Desire…recalls the fervor and crafty accomplishment of her best early work. The album is inspired by Jones's new home of New Orleans, a city she'd previously occupied while writing her masterpiece of heartbreak, 1981's Pirates. Jones consciously honors the musical styles birthed within America's most sonically spectacular city...”  - Ann Powers, NPR Music

“She can sound like a nun who has closed the door in the chapel to sing quietly to herself. She can sound dissolute, louche, exalted, elegant, or like a figure howling against a menacing sadness... She sings like a shy person somehow released of inhibition by singing. Every word she writes and sings seems earned. Her songs are cunning and serious or playful and exuberant but always carefully made... [Jones expresses] a human truth: over time, we cannot be other than ourselves.”   - Alec Wilkinson, The New Yorker

“9/10... an arrestingly ambitious musical journey... a record that crowns her career, not an and end but as a culmination.” - Uncut magazine

"Cultural force” - NPR

The Other Side of Desire documentary trailer

Jimmy Choos

Rickie Lee Jones - Coolsville 1979 Trilogy

Tickets priced €40 on sale now through & usual outlets nationwide.