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With a 5 Night Residency at Vicar St, Dublin

March 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th & 25th 2018

We are thrilled to announce a special residency with Bell X1 for 5 Nights at Vicar Street from 21st - 25th March 2018.

Each night will offer something different for the fans, with spotlights on certain albums and moments that have made Bell X1 one of Ireland’s most treasured bands, who will celebrate 20 years together in 2018.

“20 years! Jaysus! It’s kinda snuck up on us, but we thought it might be a chance to revisit the early records, in a room where we feel we’ve grown up and made friends.”– Paul Noonan

Speaking of the residency shows, Peter Aiken of Aiken Promotions commented ‘’Bell X1 are one of the great Irish bands of the last 20 years consistently releasing great album after great album and putting on fantastic shows in Vicar Street. They are a band that have grown up with the venue and it is our great privilege to welcome them back to Vicar Street for this very special occasion’’

Vicar St residency shows, March 2018

Wednesday 21st March - Neither Am I (full album & more, seated show)  

Thursday 22nd March - Music In Mouth (full album & more, standing show)

Friday 23rd March -  Flock (full album & more, standing show)

Saturday 24th March - Greatest Hits! (full band, standing show)  

Sunday 25th March - Bell X1 Acoustic-ish (with the acoustic trio, seated show)  

Bell X1 released their highly acclaimed 7th studio album Arms last year and have spent time since touring in America and Australia. The Summer found them headlining an outdoor show in Dublin followed up with a full European tour opening for Tori Amos this Autumn.

Bell X1 are Paul Noonan, Dave Geraghty & Dominic Philips.